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Global Newborn Child Health Insurance from CCW

Many of the comprehensive maternity health insurance plans available from CCW Global Insurance can provide extensive coverage of your baby’s medical treatment, should the infant require any, as soon as the child is born.

Intensive Neonatal care in an emergency situation can be highly expensive, and making sure that you can afford your child’s medical fees is not something which you should have to worry about. A comprehensive pregnancy insurance policy which includes coverage of a newborn child should strongly be considered by any expatriate families planning on having children.

What Coverage is offered with Newborn Child Insurance?

Newborn Child health insurance is designed to protect you against the costs associated with any treatment you baby may need when it is born.

But more than this, Newborn Child Health Insurance gives you the assurance that should your child suffer any medical conditions, or develop any serious health problems later in life, that they will always have the protection they need. A major part of that is in the fact that Global health insurance policies from CCW can be renewed for life, and if your child is born into the plan then they will never have a pre-existing medical condition.

While some companies attach a waiting period to their newborn child coverage CCW Global can offer plans which will offer protection to your child instantly, from the moment of purchase. This is very important because it means that even if you have missed the maternity insurance waiting period commonly found on most global health insurance policies, you can still guarantee that your child will have the security it deserves from the moment of birth.

Core benefits of Newborn Child Insurance from CCW Global include:

•    Instant Protection with No Waiting Periods
•    Coverage for Congenital Birth Defects
•    Coverage for Premature Birth
•    No Pre-existing conditions
•    Life Long Policy Renewals

While the exact nature of the coverage will likely change based on the specific insurance company you choose to work with, CCW Global Insurance Brokers can offer newborn child health insurance plans with the above benefits.

For more information about the specific coverage available under each of our many newborn child medical insurance plans please Contact Us Today.

How Does Newborn Child Health Insurance Work?

Depending on which global health insurance company you buy your policy from, there are normally two main ways in which a newborn child coverage benefit will be offered. 

Child is born into an Existing Global Health Insurance Plan

If you select a global health insurance policy which allows you to have your child born into an existing plan, all you need to do if inform the insurance company within 30 days of the birth and have the infant added to your policy.

All claims made during the notification period will normally be covered, and the child can be added to the policy without any medical underwriting. This means that your baby will not be denied health insurance protection because they were born with a serious medical condition, and also ensures that your child will never have to worry about pre-existing medical conditions and insurance ever again.

While having your child born into an existing global medical insurance policy will increase the overall plan premium, it does provide security in knowing that your infant will be protected against costly medical expenses, and will be able to receive the best healthcare possible, no matter what.

Child Receives a Free Benefit under the Parent’s Policy

A free benefit is the other major way in which many global health insurance plans will provide newborn child coverage.

With this type of newborn child insurance protection the infant will receive coverage under the parents’ policy up to a specific time or financial limit. After this limit has been reached, in order to receive continuing coverage for the baby the parents must submit a new application for coverage to the insurance company which will often be subject to medical underwriting. This means that pre-existing medical conditions could potentially be a factor in newborn child coverage offered as a free benefit.

A major positive of the child receiving a free benefit is that the coverage received up to the benefit limit will not cost you any money – a free benefit for you newborn infant will not increase your premium. Should you make an application for continuing coverage, however, you will have to pay a premium for your child’s annual health insurance policy.

Free Newborn Child Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote comparing a range of high quality newborn child health insurance options please complete the short form at the top of this page, one of our expert advisors will contact you to further discuss your needs.

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