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Global health insurance waiting periods

When purchasing a global health insurance policy it is important to know that some of the specific coverage benefits offered under your plan may be attached to a waiting period.

Simply put, a waiting period is the length of time you must have been on the policy before you are able to claim for a specific type of coverage.

Examples of common coverage benefits which will normally include a waiting period include Dental Health Insurance and Maternity Health Insurance.

How do global health insurance waiting periods work

When you buy a global medical insurance policy, if that plan offers coverage which has a waiting period then you must wait a specific length of time until you are able to receive protection for that specific benefit.

For example, if your international health insurance plan includes dental coverage then it is highly likely that the dental benefit will be attached to a waiting period. For most policies this is normally between 6-12 months from the start of the plan.

If the waiting period is 6 months from the start of the plan, this means that as soon as you buy the international medical insurance plan and coverage is confirmed, you must wait 6 months before being able to receive dental coverage under you plan.

It is important to note that treatment received before the completion of a waiting period cannot be claimed for after the waiting period has expired. It is only treatment which has been received after the completion of the waiting period which can be claimed for under the policy.

Global Maternity Insurance Waiting Periods

Global maternity insurance policies will always be attached to a waiting period. However, unlike some other policy benefits with waiting periods, there is actually a wide range of ways in which maternity waiting periods are implemented.

Generally, when dealing with maternity coverage benefits on global health insurance policies from CCW Global Insurance you will usually encounter 1 of 2 types of waiting period.

From the Start of The Plan

If your maternity health insurance policy which includes a waiting period from the start of the plan then this is the length of time which you must have been on the plan before you are covered for any costs arising in relation to maternity treatment.

CCW Global can offer From The Start Of the Plan waiting periods with maternity insurance which are as low as 10 Months from the initial policy purchase. This means that if you obtained one of these policies today, then you would have to wait 10 months before the plan will cover you for maternity costs.

Until Conception

The other common type of maternity insurance waiting period is one which occurs in relation to the policy holder actually conceiving a child.

With an Until Conception waiting period, you must have been on the policy for a certain length of time until you are able to conceive a child. In many cases this type of waiting period occurs around 12 months from the start of the policy.

This means that if you are planning on having your pregnancy and delivery covered under a policy with an Until Conception waiting period, then you will have to wait 12 months from the initial purchase of the plan.

Are there waiting periods with Newborn Child Insurance Coverage?

CCW Global can provide global newborn child insurance coverage with No Waiting Periods.

Please Contact Us for more information about this type of coverage.

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