Renewing your International Health Insurance

When you choose CCW Global as your Global Health Insurance broker you are able to access a number of exceptional benefits and coverage options. One of the major aspects of many of the global medical insurance plans on offer through CCW is the fact that these policies are normally guaranteed renewable for life.

This means that you are able to renew your coverage for as long as you need it, secure in the knowledge that the renewability of your policy is a decision which will be left entirely up to you.

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What is a Global Health Insurance Plan Renewal?

Global medical insurance policies will normally provide protection for periods of 12 months at a time. The exception to this is Travel Insurance which is normally purchased to cover journeys of a specific duration.

When you come to the end of your policy year, having held the coverage for almost 12 months, you will then be given the option of renewing your plan and will normally be sent a letter detailing the renewal terms.

You do not have to renew your coverage if the terms being offered in the renewal are unsatisfactory. However, it is important to understand that renewing the coverage actually means entering into a new contract with the insurance company, and that any changes with renewal terms and conditions will supersede the terms and conditions of the original policy.

If you are unhappy with the renewal terms being offered CCW will work with you to help find a resolution. We will liaise between you and the insurance company to determine a contract which is suitable to all parties, and if this is not possible, help you to find additional coverage options which may be provided by alternative insurance companies.

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How to Renew your Coverage

Approximately 1 month before your coverage is due to expire, the dedicated CCW Global Policy Administration team will contact you with the renewal terms of your Global Health Insurance plan, which will include any new conditions of the coverage and any premium changes which may have been placed on the policy.

We will work with you to help you understand the exact nature of any changes which may have occurred on your plan, and will illustrate exactly how these changes (should any exist) will impact you. It is then your decision as to whether or not you would like to renew your coverage for the next year.

In the event that you have selected an “auto-renew” option for your global health insurance policy, we will inform you when your plan has been renewed, and confirm that the coverage is in place for the next year.

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Free Global Health Insurance Quotes and Advice

If you would like to learn more about renewing your Global Health Insurance policy, or if you would like to receive advice on your current renewal terms, please Contact Us to speak to one of our dedicated advisors about your options.

You can also request a free quotation comparison and start comparing all the leading global health insurance plans by completing this short form. Get your coverage today!

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