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Alternative Therapy Health Insurance

With a growing body of science increasingly advocating alternate forms of healthcare, CCW Global Insurance is pleased to be able to offer a range of global health insurance plans which include coverage for alternative therapies and complementary medical treatment.

Alternative Therapies are those which exist outside of mainstream western medical practice, and can include things like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Homeopathy. While many doctors may laugh at the philosophies and treatments put forward by alternative medical practitioners there is growing evidence that even with just the placebo effect, there may be some worth to alternative treatments.

Alternative Therapy Health Insurance Coverage

Global Health Insurance plans which offer an Alternative Therapy coverage benefit will cover you for the costs associated with treatment which is not considered to be main-stream western medical science. While this type of protection does offer substantial coverage for alternative therapies it will also usually include coverage for complementary medicine as well.

Coverage available under an Alternative Therapy Health Insurance benefit will normally include protection for:

•    Costs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
•    Costs of receiving Acupuncture Treatment
•    Costs of seeing a Chiropractor
•    Costs of receiving Homeopathic Treatment
•    Costs of seeing an Osteopath
•    Costs associated with Podiatry
•    Costs associated with Dietician Treatments

In conjunction with more standard policy benefits such as Inpatient Health Insurance and Outpatient Health Insurance, a global health insurance plan which includes coverage for Alternative Therapies and Complementary Medicine can give you a range of additional options for your healthcare.

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