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Outpatient Health Insurance

Outpatient medical insurance protection can usually be purchased as an addition to an Inpatient Medical Insurance Policy.

Outpatient health insurance plans are designed to protect you against the costs of medical treatment where an overnight stay in a hospital is not needed. Essentially, if you need to go see the doctor because you are feeling sick, or if one of your children has a sore throat and needs to visit the GP, then an international health insurance plan with outpatient coverage will cover the bill.

Outpatient treatment usually costs far less than inpatient treatment, but you will normally go to see the doctor more times than you will have been hospitalized over the course of any given year. This is especially true for families with small children, who may seem to live at the doctor’s office!

While the fees for going to see the doctor might be very low (or non-existent depending on where you currently live), a number of visits to the General Practitioner can quickly take their toll on your bank account.

How Can Outpatient Health Insurance Help?

Outpatient health insurance plans from CCW Global can help to make life easy any time you need to go see a doctor or specialist by ensuring that all the charges for those visits are covered under the policy.

Because our outpatient plans can provide worldwide coverage, a single policy will enable you to visit a doctor anytime you feel the need, no matter where you may be located. Whether you are going overseas for business, or are away on an extended holiday, an Outpatient medical insurance policy can give you the peace of mind that you can receive quality healthcare should you need it.

This is also enhanced by the many extensive outpatient direct settlement networks clients of CCW are able to access. If your plan provides for outpatient direct settlement simply provide your policy information and be assured that the bill will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Outside of the general benefits to outpatient insurance coverage, this type of plan will also usually provide specific protection for:

•    Costs of Routine Healthcare Such as General Checkups
•    Costs of visiting a General Practitioner or Specialist Doctor
•    Diagnostic Test coverage, including X-Rays
•    Costs of Vaccinations and Preventative Healthcare Services
•    Costs of Treatment with Alternative Therapies
•    Costs of Home Nursing Services if Required
•    Costs of Prescription Medications

Because CCW works with a number of leading international health insurance companies the specifics of the coverage offered under an outpatient health insurance benefit will change depending on the insurer you choose to purchase your plan from. Our expert advisors are constantly available to help assist you in understanding all of the protection offered by the many options available.

Please Contact-Us to speak with one of our Global Health Insurance Brokers should you have any questions about the coverage on offer with an Outpatient medical insurance plan.

Additional Considerations for Outpatient Health Insurance

When choosing your global health insurance policy, apart from choosing to include an outpatient benefit in your plan there are a number of additional considerations which it is important for you to think about.

As with inpatient coverage, these considerations may affect the policy as a whole or just the outpatient coverage aspect of it.

Will you include an outpatient deductible?

A deductible, or excess, is the amount which you will contribute to the cost of your own healthcare. It is not necessary to include a deductible on your outpatient health insurance plan, but choosing to include one can have significant benefits, including a lowered premium. Click Global Health Insurance Deductibles for more information about the ways a deductible can impact you.

Worldwide coverage or Country-Specific Protection?

The Global Health Insurance plans provided through CCW Global can offer worldwide protection, or specific coverage in a certain country. Choosing to exclude coverage areas depending on your needs can have a large impact on your policy. Read more about your plan geography at Global Health Insurance Coverage Areas.

Will you require any additional benefits

As outpatient coverage can usually only be obtained in addition to an inpatient health insurance policy it is likely that your outpatient plan will carry hospitalization coverage as well. Outside of these two benefits, Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage, Dental Health Insurance, and even Maternity and Pregnancy Health Insurance could make suitable additions to your policy.

Free Global Outpatient Health Insurance Quotes

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If you would like to learn more about the many international outpatient insurance options we can offer, or if you would like to enquire about further specifics of the types of outpatient insurance protection available, please contact us today.

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