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IHI-Bupa Travel Insurance

IHI BupaCooper Claridge-Ware is able to provide high quality international travel insurance coverage from leading insurance company IHI-Bupa in the form of the company’s Worldwide Travel Options plan.

This travel insurance policy is designed specifically for the modern traveller, and is able to provide high levels of flexibility and ease-of-use. Including a bespoke mobile application in the form of the MyCard App directly from the Insurance Company, and offering a 24/7/365 claims hotline, policyholders with an IHI-Bupa Worldwide Travel Options policy are assured of receiving the assistance they need, when they need it.

With worldwide coverage, extensive medical and health insurance protection, and the option to add a range of non-medical umbrella coverage benefits, the high quality travel insurance plan from IHI-Bupa is one of the best short term trip insurance plans currently available on the international market.

IHI-Bupa Travel Insurance Coverage

One of the major benefits of the Worldwide Travel Options policy from IHI-Bupa is with the fact that the coverage is totally customizable to your specific needs and requirements.

Comprehensive Medical Protection

The Worldwide Travel Options plan starts with comprehensive medical insurance at the core of the policy’s coverage offering. You are able to purchase the basic medical coverage as either a standalone policy, or add one of the other non-medical protection modules to this portion of the plan.

The IHI-Bupa Worldwide Travel Options Medical Coverage includes:

Non-Medical Coverage Option

When you purchase your short term health insurance protection with the Worldwide Travel Options plan you will also be given the ability to add a range of umbrella coverage benefits to the plan through the optional Non-Medical Coverage selection. In order to obtain the Non-Medical coverage available through this plan policyholder’s must first have purchased the Basic Cover for health insurance.

Coverage available under the Worldwide Travel Options insurance policy’s Non-Medical option includes:

  • Personal Accident Insurance – coverage for death or disability
  • Loss of Baggage insurance
  • Baggage Delay cover
  • Passport and Cash theft insurance
  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • Travel Delay Protection
  • Missed Flight Connection Protection
  • Security and Legal Assistance Coverage

Trip Cancellation Protection

The final option available under the Worldwide Travel Options policy from IHI-Bupa is in the form of a Trip Cancellation coverage benefit.

Available in addition to the Basic Coverage Medical Protection, the Trip Cancellation option will cover you against the cost of a cancelled journey (providing reimbursement for non-refundable deposits and the like) in the event that you are unable to travel due to acute illness, injury, or death.

In order to obtain the Trip Cancellation option you must first purchase the Basic Cover option. However, you are able to receive coverage for the Trip Cancellation benefit without purchasing the Worldwide Travel Options Non-Medical Coverage option.

Duration of Coverage and Premiums

IHI-Bupa Worldwide Travel Option plans will have their premiums calculated based on two main factors. These are:

  1. The Age of the Policyholder
  2. The total duration of the intended trip

Full details of the premiums charged for this plan can be found by clicking the following link: Download premiums

In terms of the duration of coverage, you are able to purchase this travel insurance plan on either a single trip or annual basis.You can learn more about the specific coverage durations available under the Worldwide Travel Options insurance plan by viewing the product brochure. Please click the following link to Download product guides.  

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