Global Protection Insurance

Global Protection Insurance policies from CCW Global Insurance Brokers are designed to support you in the event of a serious life event which leaves you unable to work, earn an income, or permanently injured.

With a wide scope of coverage available with each type of Global Protection Policy on offer, CCW can provide options for plans which will provide lump sum and monthly payments to help you recover in the wake of a life changing accident or injury.

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Global Critical Illness Insurance

Should you be diagnosed with a serious medical condition or illness, such as Cancer or a major Heart Condition, it is likely that you would be unable to work while receiving your treatment or recovering from your condition. In this situation how would you and your loved ones cope while you are not earning an income?

Critical Illness Insurance plans from CCW will provide a lump-sum payment in the form of a cash pay-out when you are diagnosed with a serious illness or medical condition. While this payment can be used to contribute towards the costs of your medical care it is normally put towards managing any lifestyle changes, such as home renovations or nursing charges, and lessening the financial impact of your lowered income due to your inability to work while recovering.

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Global Personal Accident Insurance

Similar to a Critical Illness Insurance plan a Global Personal Accident Insurance policy will provide a lump-sum pay-out in the event of grievous bodily harm due to an accident.

Should you, for example, lose a limb, or go blind in one eye because of a car accident, a Global Personal Accident Insurance policy will compensate you for your loss of functionality ensuring that you have financial protection against the costs of rehabilitation and your inability to work during your recovery. The lump-sum payment under this type of coverage, like Critical Illness protection, will normally be used to manage lifestyle changes and the financial impact of the accident, lessening the burden of loss of income and helping to provide monetary support for the treatment and recovery of the accident which resulted in actual bodily injury.

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Global Disability Income Protection

A Global Disability Income Protection Policy from CCW will protect you for up to 75 per cent of your annual salary in the event that you suffer an illness or accident which prevents you from performing the normal duties of your occupation.

If you are a concert pianist and had broken your finger or if you are a lawyer who is undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy for Cancer treatment, it would be extremely difficult for you to perform the normal duties of your profession. In these situations a Disability Income Protection Insurance policy would ensure that you are able to receive an income and continue to live a stable life, even if you are unable to work.

Global Disability Income Protection policies from CCW will normally provide income protection for 2 years at a time – meaning that the policy will generally pay your income settlement for up to 2 years after your claim. However, CCW can provide Disability Income protection plans which will continue to provide income coverage up to the normal retirement age of 65.


Free Global Protection Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for any of the Global Protection Insurance plans offered by CCW simply complete the short form at the top of this page. Once we have received your request for a quotation an expert CCW Global Insurance Broker will contact you with a comprehensive overview comparing all of the protection plans best suited to meet your specific requirements.

To learn more about the coverage offered under Disability Income, Personal Accident, or Critical Illness policies, or if you would like to enquire about alternative types of Life and Protection insurance plans offered by CCW, please Contact Us.


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