Global Whole of Life Insurance

Known throughout the world under various monikers, including Permanent Life Insurance, and Cash Value Life Insurance, a Global Whole of Life Insurance policy is a type of life insurance plan which will remain in force for the entirety of your life.

A stable type of International Life insurance coverage, Whole of Life plans will provide a death benefit in the form of a lump sum monetary payout when the policyholder dies. Unlike Global Term Life Insurance plans there is no restriction on the length of the policy, meaning that whenever you die the plan will provide a financial payment to your named beneficiaries. Additionally, Whole of Life insurance plans can build up a cash value which can be taken by the policyholder when the policy matures – this is a certain date at which the plan can be cancelled and the policyholder can receive the total value monetary value of the policy in the event that they no longer require the death benefit being provided by the coverage.

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Whole of Life Insurance for Financial Planning

As such, a Global Whole of Life insurance policy is an excellent tool in estate planning, and can even be used to ensure that your children will have adequate funds for concerns like their college education. These types of policies also offer peace of mind as they will normally provide a death benefit equal to 101 per cent of the plan’s total cash value in the event of the insured individual’s demise – giving the assurance that your loved ones will have the support they deserve in the event of your death.

One of the most flexible types of Life Insurance Coverage available on the Global Market, a Whole of Life Insurance policy can provide the perfect solution to all your life insurance needs.

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Whole of Life Insurance Premiums

Premiums for Global Whole of Life Insurance plans can vary dependent on a number of factors including the Total Sum Insured of the Policy and the frequency of the payments.

Normally, the total sum insured of a Whole of Life Insurance plan will be based on your average salary. A policyholder cannot normally obtain a Whole of Life Insurance plan which provides a sum insured greater than their average earnings. However, once the level of the insurance has been set you will then be offered the option to select the frequency of the payments, which in turn will typically affect the level of the premium to be paid.

For example, dependent on the total sum insured of the plan, it may be possible to choose premiums of between US$ 4,000 to US$ 40,000 with payments occurring over the course of many years, or as a single contribution.

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Free Global Whole of Life Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for a Global Whole of Life Insurance plan, simply complete the short form on this page. Once we have received your quotation request an expert CCW Global Insurance Broker will contact you to further discuss your options for Life Insurance coverage around the world.


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