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Global Life Insurance Plans from CCW Global

CCW Global Insurance is able to provide quality Global Life Insurance coverage options to expatriates, local nationals and businesses around the world.

Global Life Insurance policies we offer will provide you with a comprehensive settlement benefit in the event of your death – ensuring that your loved ones, or company, will be able to cope in the wake of your departure. Furthermore, CCW can provide options for Global Life Insurance plans which will build up a cash value over the course of the policy, and plans which will provide annual dividend payments and yearly cash pay-outs meaning that a Global Life Insurance plan can be used for estate planning, and retirement funds, in addition to providing security to those you care about in the event of your death.

Global Life Insurance plans which are available from CCW include:

Global Whole of Life Insurance

Whole of Life Insurance plans are designed to provide coverage in the event of your death over the entire course of your lifetime. These policies will normally accumulate a cash value which can be taken out by the policyholder in the event that the plan is cancelled, or will provide a lump-sum payment to the named beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder’s death.

A Global Whole of Life Insurance can usually be customized to include a range of added coverage benefits, including Disability Income Protection, Personal Accident Coverage, and even Savings options. This gives you the assurance that no matter what happens, should you die or suffer a serious accident depriving you of income, you will have the help and support you require.

For more information about this type of policy please click Global Whole of Life Insurance.

Global Term Life Insurance

Global Term Life Insurance plans are designed to cover you against your risk of an untimely death for a specific period of time, also known as a term. To put it bluntly a Term Life Insurance plan is almost a bet that you will die within a specific time period, with the insurance providing a pay-out if your death occurs during the term, but not if your death occurs outside of the term period specified by the plan.

Term Life Insurance plan generally have no additional benefits aside from the cash pay-out in the event of the insured’s death during the policy term. It may be possible, however, for CCW Global to provide Term Life Insurance options which include a Critical Illness benefit which will provide cash payments in the event that you are seriously ill and unable to work.

For more information about this type of policy please click Global Term Life Insurance.

Global Key Man Life Insurance

Specifically designed for Businesses, a Global Key Man Life Insurance policy will provide compensation to a company in the event that a key member of staff unexpectedly dies.

From established Multinational Corporations to small Start-up ventures, all companies have members of staff who are key assets to the organizations – whether they are responsible for the company’s sales strategy or marketing tactics, have complete control of the organizations finances, or run the entire business, losing these individuals can often cripple businesses every-day operations.

A Key Man Life Insurance policy will provide monetary compensation should a pivotal member of staff die unexpectedly, enabling the company to find solutions to continued operations and cover the shortfall in knowledge or productivity while a replacement is identified.

Free Global Life Insurance Quotes and Comparisons

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