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IntegraGlobal Health Insurance

Integra Global is a leading International Private Medical Insurance company specializing in offering only the highest quality coverage options to expatriate customers worldwide.

With an extensive presence throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and employing a large number of expatriate Staff, Integra Global has the expertise and know-how to find comprehensive and innovative health solutions for individuals, families, and corporate groups across the globe.

Perfect for customers who are seeking comprehensive insurance coverage at an affordable price, Integra Global has more than a decade’s experience in finding specific solutions for unique needs. Additionally, Integra Global was one of the first International Health Insurance providers to offer online enrolment and the company has fully implemented Zaptag personal healthcare records for all policyholders, enabling clients to access their medical profile from anywhere in the world.

Integra Global; Striving for Innovation

In everything Integra Global does the company strives for innovation and flexibility. This is due to the fact that the organization believes that in addition to being a necessity for obtaining the very best medical care, international health insurance should also act as a perk – especially for companies around the world who are seeking to attract and retain the very best talent.

As such, Integra Global has designed plans that cater to the needs of expatriates, including the ability to receive medical treatment in their home countries, but has also aimed to make the high coverage on offer accessible to locally hired members of staff. As part of this mission of accessibility and value Integra Global can provide international health insurance plans to groups where up to 50% of the group members are domestic nationals living in their home country.

The ability to provide coverage to local members of the group in such high numbers, in addition to the protection offered to more senior and expatriate  staff is unprecedented within the international private medical insurance industry, and points to the high levels of excellence which Integra Global is reaching.

In addition to the innovative setup of their Group Policies, the company is also aiming to create more comprehensive care options through intensive partnerships and direct settlement provisions with leading healthcare providers around the world. These partnerships and networks come on top of streamlined claims initiatives and more comprehensive support structures to provide customized assistance to all of the company’s policyholders from individuals through to multinational organizations.

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