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International Maternity and Pregnancy Health Insurance

When having a child we all want to make sure that child is born in a hospital with an excellent maternity facility, where any possible medical situation will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The problem with this is that the best maternity facilities and hospitals around the world are extremely expensive, with the costs of a routine delivery easily ranging from US$ 15,000 to US$ 20,000. Obviously that price tag will be difficult for many people to cope with out of pocket, but CCW Global can provide the perfect solution to this obstacle with a comprehensive international maternity medical insurance policy.

Maternity Health Insurance plans we work with are usually available as an addition to an inpatient health insurance policy and can provide protection against the costs of giving birth anywhere on earth.

What coverage is available under maternity insurance?

Typical coverage offered under maternity health insurance plans from CCW Global includes:

•    Costs of Routine Deliveries
•    Costs of a Delivery following complications
•    Costs of emergency Caesarian Sections
•    Costs of Pre-Natal checkups
•    Costs of Post-Natal examinations
•    Home Delivery Options and Costs of Home Delivery
•    Global Choice of Maternity Hospitals

In some cases it may be possible for CCW Global to provide more comprehensive maternity insurance plans which could include a wider range of benefits such as:

•    Costs associated with Fertility and IVF Treatments
•    Coverage of Newborn Children Under the Policy
•    Coverage of Congenital Birth Defects from the start of the plan

Please note that, due to changes in the plans provided by some of the international health insurance companies we work with, that we may not currently be able to offer some of the more extensive benefits under comprehensive maternity insurance plans listed above.

Please contact us for additional information about the specific coverage we can currently offer in relation to a global maternity insurance policy.

What is Maternity Insurance and Why do You Need it?

In the event that you decide to have a child a maternity insurance policy will cover the costs of all aspects of the pregnancy, including the actual delivery of the child.

Further to this, a maternity health insurance plan (like all the global health insurance policies offered by CCW Global Insurance will allow you to choose where you deliver your baby – enabling you to deliver the child with the best maternity hospitals anywhere in the world.

Under a maternity health insurance plan from CCW Global your pre-natal and ante-natal checkups will be covered under the plan, giving you the security that your infant has the best possible healthcare from conception through to delivery. In a worst case scenario where there may be a complication with the delivery a Maternity medical insurance plan will ensure that both mother and child will receive the emergency treatment they need.

In a world where healthcare costs are rapidly increasing having a child can prove to be extremely expensive, and this is just for a routine delivery of the infant. In the event of a complication of the delivery, the costs can quickly spiral out of control. In that sort of situation the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you can afford the care being given to mother and child, which is where an international health insurance plan with a maternity coverage benefit can help.

Additional Considerations for Global Maternity Insurance Policies

Aside from the actual coverage of an international maternity insurance policy there are a number of other aspects of this type of benefit which it is important for you to consider and understand.

Maternity Health Insurance Plans usually have waiting periods

One of the most commonly overlooked components of any global health insurance policy is the addition of a waiting period. Waiting periods are commonly found attached to a number of specific coverage benefits, including Dental and Maternity health insurance. Essentially, a waiting period is the specific length of time you must have been enrolled on a policy before you are able to receive coverage for a certain benefit under the plan.

For more information about waiting periods and how they work with maternity insurance please click Maternity Coverage Waiting Periods on Global Health Insurance Plans

How high is the maternity benefit coverage limit?

CCW Global Insurance Brokers chooses only to work with global health insurance policies which are able to offer extremely high coverage limits, and consequently can provide extensive coverage for your maternity protection. With maternity specific limits ranging from US$ 10,000 to as high as US$ 20,000 we can give you the assurance your pregnancy has the protection you deserve no matter what happens.

More information about the general coverage limits available under a global medical insurance policy can be found by clicking Global Health Insurance Coverage Limits.

Are you planning to insure your newborn child?

One of the best additions to a maternity health insurance plan is a Newborn Child Coverage benefit, ensuring that your newly born infant has access to the best healthcare in the world from their first breath. There are a number of options available for providing health insurance coverage to your baby as soon as it is born, more information on which can be found by clicking Newborn Child Health Insurance.

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