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Global Dental Health Insurance Plans

CCW Global Insurance Brokers can provide comprehensive global health insurance plans which include coverage for Dental Treatment. Dental Insurance policies we offer will ensure that you are adequately protected against the costs arising for dental treatment.

A Dental Coverage benefit is usually only available in addition to the purchase of an inpatient health insurance policy.

Dental Health Insurance Coverage

Dental Treatment Benefits on offer with Global Health Insurance plans from CCW Global will usually include protection for:

•    Costs of Root Canal Treatment
•    Costs of Bridgework
•    Costs of Prosthetic Dental Devices, such as Dentures
•    Costs of Emergency Dental Treatment for Pain relief
•    Costs of Wisdom Teeth Extraction
•    Costs of Apicectomy
•    Costs of Routine Dental Treatment and Examinations
•    Cleaning and Polishing
•    Costs of Tooth Extractions
•    Costs of Fillings
•    Costs of Crowns and Inlays

These extensive benefits ensure that no matter where you go in the world, your teeth will always be in the best of health.

Dental Health Insurance Waiting Periods

A Dental Coverage Benefit on an international health insurance plan will usually be attached to a waiting period. This waiting period will usually be in the range of 6 to 12 months from the start of the policy and must be completed before you are able to receive coverage under the plan for dental treatment.

For more information please click Global Health Insurance Waiting Periods.

Free Dental Health Insurance Quotes and Comparisons

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