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Global Chronic Condition Health Insurance

When purchasing a global health insurance policy it is important that you consider choosing a plan which provides a high level of cover for the treatment of Chronic Medical Conditions.

A Chronic Condition is a medical condition which currently has no cure; while there may be treatment available for the illness, a complete remedy of the condition is unavailable. Good examples of Chronic Conditions which are extremely prevalent around the world include Asthma, Diabetes, Eczema, Arthritis, and Glaucoma, and Epilepsy.

If you should suffer from one of these conditions then it is likely that you will receive treatment in relation to that condition for the rest of your life. In the case of diabetes, for example, the costs of ongoing medication over the course of decades can be highly expensive, necessitating that any global medical insurance plan you are considering have a suitably high level of protection for Chronic medical Conditions.

Global Health Insurance for Chronic Conditions

While Chronic Conditions may not be a problem for someone in their 20’s or early 30’s, these types of illnesses become increasingly more common as you age. As such, younger people considering a global health insurance plan often overlook this type of protection as it may be seen as an unnecessary expense. However, in the event that you do develop a chronic medical condition you need to know that your policy will be able to provide you with the protection you need.

Common ways in which a global health insurance policy will provide coverage for a Chronic Medical Condition include:

Coverage of Acute Phases Only

As mentioned above, a Chronic Condition is a condition which currently has no known cure. However, these conditions may be prone to “flare ups” or outbreaks. For example, if you suffer from Eczema you may have periodic outbreaks at times which can lead to the symptoms of the condition developing; such as, dry itchy skin, swelling, redness, or even bleeding.

The symptoms may not be present 100 percent of the time, but when they do display this is known as an “acute” phase of the condition.

Under a Chronic Condition Insurance benefit which provides coverage for Acute Phases only, in the event that you display symptoms of the condition then coverage will be provided only for the acute phase.

Another example of this can be seen with Asthma, where the individual is always suffering from the condition but may only occasionally have an actual asthma attack. In this case the Asthma Attack would be the acute phase of the condition, treatable through the use of medication such as an inhaler. A global health insurance plan which provides Chronic Condition coverage for Acute Phases only would typically allow for coverage of medication to treat the acute phase of the Asthma condition.

Annual Coverage Limit

If your international health insurance plan offers chronic condition under an annual limit, then the policy will provide a certain amount of coverage to you each year you hold the plan.

As with the Annual Overall Coverage Limit an annual limit for Chronic Condition coverage will reset each time you renew the policy, enabling you to receive the full amount of protection offered by the plan each year.

Lifetime Coverage Limit

A lifetime limit is the total amount of coverage you will receive for chronic conditions over the entire lifetime of your policy. If included, a Lifetime Chronic Condition Coverage Limit will be set on your policy as soon as it is purchased, and will not change for as long as you hold the plan.

While a lifetime limit for chronic condition coverage is generally very high, there is still the concern that a policyholder could use the entirety of the coverage being offered by the plan in the event that they have developed a serious chronic condition. If the limit is reached on a plan which has a lifetime limit it is important to understand that no further coverage will be offered under the policy, leading to a potential situation where the policyholder has used all of the coverage available.

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