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Global Health Insurance Coverage Areas

When purchasing a Global Medical Insurance policy, whether as an expatriate or a resident-national in your home country, it is very important that you carefully consider where your plan will be able to protect you.

Some health insurance options available on the international market may restrict your protection to a single country or territory while others may only provide coverage within a specific geographical region, such as Asia or Europe. Depending on your future plans it is important that you select a policy which will be able to offer long-term protection, even if you should relocate to a new country.

CCW Global is able to offer comprehensive Global Health Insurance plans which can provide worldwide coverage; protecting you in any country or territory anywhere in the world, no matter what.

Options for Health Insurance Coverage Areas

When applying for a Global Health Insurance plan you will typically be afforded a choice as to where in the world you would like to receive protection. This is an important decision as your area of coverage will impact where in the world you are able to receive treatment under the plan, the portability of the policy in the event that you relocate to a new country, and may even affect your policy premium.

Most international insurance providers will generally give you two options for your Global Health Insurance plan’s area of coverage at the time of the initial application. These two choices will normally be:

Worldwide Coverage

Many of the global health insurance plans available through CCW Global Insurance will provide the policyholder with worldwide coverage. This means that a single plan will give you comprehensive protection wherever you may be on the planet.

No matter where you are currently located, a Global Health Insurance policy which offers worldwide coverage will allow you to seek treatment with the doctor or hospital of your choice, anywhere on earth. This means that, even if you should fall sick in a country or location where no superior healthcare options are available, you will be able to travel to another location of your choice to receive the treatment you need.

Worldwide Coverage gives you the flexibility you need over the long term, ensuring that you don’t have to apply for a new medical insurance policy in the event that you relocate from your current home. Your policy is usually able to travel around the world with you, giving you the security and protection you deserve, no matter what.

Worldwide Coverage Excluding North America and the USA

While CCW is able to provide plans which offer worldwide coverage, it is important to understand that you can choose to receive your coverage in the areas and countries which are more relevant to your needs.

A major option outside of worldwide coverage on most Global Health Insurance plans is Worldwide Coverage Excluding North America and the USA.

The reason that this is such a common option amongst most international insurance providers is due to the cost of healthcare services in the United States of America. Simply put, the USA has the highest average medical costs in the world, and excluding coverage in the country under your Global Health Insurance plan means that your policy will not have to cover the cost of treatment in the US.

Choosing to exclude coverage in the USA under your policy means that you will normally see a lower plan premium than if you had selected worldwide coverage under the plan. Because of the extremely high costs of healthcare in North America the premium reduction you can achieve by excluding the USA can be as low as US$100 or as high as US$1,000 depending on the specific policy and insurance company you choose to work with.

Regional and Country-Specific Coverage Options

Getting even more specific than the two options for geographical coverage highlighted above, many international insurance providers are starting to provide highly focused geographical coverage options under their global health insurance offerings.

Some leading international insurance providers may allow you to select a specific country of coverage, such as China, Hong Kong or Singapore, where your plan will be able to provide coverage. Other insurers may offer the option of selecting a single continent where your policy is in force, such as Asia, Oceania, Europe, or Africa.

While Regional and Country-Specific coverage options will limit your healthcare to the specific coverage area of your global health insurance policy the major benefit of obtaining a plan with such a narrow coverage area is that it will significantly reduce your overall plan premium even further than just excluding the USA and North America.

Key Considerations with Global Health Insurance Coverage Areas

When selecting your global health insurance coverage area there are a number of concerns which it is important for you to fully consider and understand before purchasing a policy. Major considerations of coverage areas under an international health insurance plan include:

Will you be relocating to a new country in the future?

If you are planning on moving to a new country it can be troublesome having to cancel and apply for new coverage with different health insurance policies each time you move. Ensuring that your Global Health Insurance plan can provide protection in any country or location you may be moving to is the easiest way to confirm uninterrupted coverage.

Are you obtaining a Local or International Health Insurance Plan?

While Global Health Insurance policies can provide coverage only in specific countries it is important to understand that these are International insurance plans with a specified coverage area, which are significantly different from most domestically available local medical insurance policies in countries around the world. Please click Local and International Health Insurance  for more information on the differences between these two major policy variants.

Are there any countries where you do not require protection?

Carefully considering the exclusion of specific countries from coverage under your global health insurance plan can lead to significant savings on your policy premium. As mentioned above, choosing to exclude the USA and North America from coverage under your policy can drastically lower your annual premium. If you do not foresee a need for coverage with your plan in a certain country or region, why not consider excluding that location from your plan?

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