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Outpatient Health Insurance in Thailand

CCW Global Insurance Brokers can provide comprehensive outpatient health insurance plans to expatriate individuals, families, and businesses located in Thailand.

Outpatient health insurance coverage in Thailand is normally available in addition to the purchase of an Inpatient Insurance policy and will protect you against the costs of healthcare in the country where an overnight stay in a hospital is not medically necessary.

While the costs of outpatient medical treatments in Thailand will be relatively low, especially if you are coming from a country like the USA, you will normally require far more outpatient healthcare than inpatient over the course of any given year. This is especially true if you have children, where the endless cycle of sore throats and runny noses can mean that it often feels like you live at the doctor’s office!

A Thailand health insurance plan with an outpatient coverage benefit can help to simplify the process of receiving healthcare, both for you and your family, and ensure that you do not have to worry about the endless administrative headaches that often accompany a visit to the doctor.

Outpatient Insurance Coverage in Thailand

Outpatient Coverage benefits on a Thailand health insurance plan will usually provide protection against the costs of all medical treatment you will receive where an overnight stay in the hospital is not required.

Treatment costs normally covered under an Outpatient coverage benefit in Thailand include:

  • Doctors Consultations, including General Checkups
  • Specialist Referrals and Visits
  • Diagnostic Tests including X-Rays
  • Medically Necessary Home Nursing
  • Vaccinations
  • Alternative Therapies and Complimentary Medicine
  • Prescribed Outpatient Medications

With all of this coverage available under an outpatient insurance benefit in Thailand, a policy which provides this type of protection is the best way to ensure that you and your loved ones have ease of access to daily medical services whilst in the country.

Furthermore, because Cooper Claridge-Ware works with a number of leading international health insurance companies offering Thailand Outpatient insurance plans we can help you to find the perfect policy! Whether you are looking for a wider range of treatments to be covered, or if you would like a higher limit for a specific type of Thailand outpatient treatment, we can help you to find the policy which best meets your specific requirements.

Finally, giving you ultimate flexibility and ensuring that you will always be able to make the most out of your Thailand Outpatient insurance policy, CCW Global offers plans which are normally Guaranteed Renewable for Life, will allow for Worldwide Coverage, and which enable you to Choose your doctor without restricting you to a specific coverage network.

Free Outpatient Insurance Quotes in Thailand

If you would like you would like to receive a free quote for an outpatient health insurance plan in Thailand, and compare your coverage options against the market as a whole, simply complete the short form at the top of this page. Once you have submitted your quotation request an expert CCW insurance broker will contact you with your quotation comparison and will help you to further refine your coverage options.

You can read more about the CCW quotation process by clicking Global Health Insurance Quotes.

You can also learn more about the Health insurance plans which we are able to offer in Thailand, or get more information about the many international insurance companies we work with by Contacting Us Today.

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