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Indonesia Health Insurance

Indonesia is an archipelago country, made up of roughly 17,500 islands spread across South East Asia and Oceania. From the bustling capital city of Jakarta on the island of Java, to the idyllic and relaxing scenery of Bali’s majestic beaches, Indonesia is constantly attracting a wave of foreign nationals to its shores for both business and pleasure.

While Indonesia may be considered a country with a relatively low average cost of healthcare, the truth of the matter is that the country is a primary medical tourism destination for other South-East Asian Nations, such as Singapore. The constant influx of Asian medical tourists has meant that the average costs of Indonesian healthcare services have exploded in recent years, with medical inflation across the country running at an approximate 10.2 percent per year.

Even more than this, specific parts of Indonesia exceed the general country-wide healthcare inflation costs. Bali is such an area, where the costs of medical treatment on the island are significantly higher than the same treatment in Jakarta. The reason for Bali’s high cost of care is primarily due to the lowered treatment options on the island, which cause a basic issue of supply and demand pushing up the average costs. However, the explosive increase in Bali’s healthcare pricing has had a knock-on effect across the rest of the country to such an extent that a number of international insurance companies are increasing their policy premiums in Indonesia by as much as 14.3 percent per year; indicative of the growing expense of receiving medical treatment in this island nation.

As with any foreign destination, it is important to protect yourself against the costs of healthcare while in Indonesia and ensure that, in an emergency situation, you are able to receive the best medical treatment possible should you need it. As such, CCW Global Insurance Brokers specializes in providing expats and travellers in Indonesia with high quality Global Health Insurance policies, which will provide superior levels of protection against the costs of your medical care both in Indonesia and across the rest of the world.

Indonesia Health Insurance plans for expatriates from CCW will normally provide worldwide coverage, often be guaranteed renewable for life, and in many cases are even globally portable enabling you to receive coverage under a single policy no matter where in the world you may go in the event that you leave Indonesia.

Furthermore, Indonesia Medical Insurance plans from CCW will also allow you to choose where you receive your medical treatment, allowing you to access the very best healthcare with the doctor or hospital of your choice anywhere in the world!

Indonesia Health Insurance Coverage

To protect you against the costs of your healthcare in Indonesia, CCW can provide a range of comprehensive Indonesia medical insurance policies which will provide flexible and extensive coverage benefits. In many cases we are able to customize the Global Health Insurance plans we offer in Indonesia to reflect your specific needs, ensuring that you are able to get the highest standards of protection possible.

Coverage benefits available under an Indonesian Global Health Insurance policy can include;

If you would like to view a full list of the coverage benefits available under Global Health Insurance plans in Indonesia, and throughout the rest of the world, please click International Health Insurance Coverage.

Free Indonesia Health Insurance Quotes

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More information about the CCW quotation process can be found at Our Global Health Insurance Quotes.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about the coverage options available under an Indonesian heath insurance plan, the ways in which such a policy can protect you around the world, or to enquire about the Indonesian health insurance companies CCW works with, please Contact Us Today.

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