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CCW Global Insurance Broker Services; Extensive International Support

CCW Global is able to provide you with extensive and in-depth advice, and support, on international health insurance and global life insurance products.

CCW Global is an insurance broker, not an agent or a single provider, and is able to work with an extremely high number of international insurance providers. We are constantly assessing and updating the companies we work with, and always strive to give you the widest range of options and can provide the most in-depth comparisons of insurance plans currently available on the market.

This also means that, as an insurance broker we will always work for you, the client.

When you speak to one of our expert brokers you will always receive unbiased advice specifically tailored to your unique situation. When you choose to speak to an advisor at our brokerage, you will never be pushed into buying a plan, and you will never be charged for the advice which you receive.

We treat our clients as individuals, providing solutions to their unique needs. More than this, we don’t see our customers as just numbers, or treat you as an issue to be overcome; we care about your problems and will do our best to find solutions which are appropriate to personalized requirements.

When you become our client you receive a single point of contact for all your interactions with our company. This ensures clarity, attention to detail, and accountability, so that you know who is handling your insurance policy at all times.

Furthermore, at CCW Global Insurance all of the advice and support which we provide to our clients is completely free of charge.

In the event that you choose to buy a global health insurance policy or worldwide life insurance plan through CCW, your premiums will be exactly the same as if you had gone to the insurer directly. You will never pay more for our assistance.

On top of this guarantee, when working with our company you have access to some of the best health and life insurance knowledge in the world, with the assistance of extensive support of all aspects of your policy over the life of the plan.

International Insurance Claims Assistance

Claims can frequently be one of the most troubling aspects of any insurance policy. Making certain that you have completed the correct paperwork or that you have received the correct documentation can be confusing, and also extremely time consuming.

Part of CCW’s Brokerage mission is to make all aspects of your insurance plan as smooth and trouble-free as possible by providing flexibility and transparency, and this includes providing focused support for all of our clients’ claims.

Our years of experience of working with the claims departments at the world’s leading international insurance companies means that we understand how best to submit a claim and receive speedy reimbursement. We also understand many of the potential pitfalls involved in the claims process, and will ensure that all your claims document is complete – helping you to come to a quick resolution of closing the issue.

For more information about claiming on an insurance plan from CCW Global please click International Insurance Claims.

Policy Administration and Renewing Your Insurance Plan

Outside of submitting a claim under your international life insurance or global medical insurance plan there are an array of often overlooked administrative aspects to an insurance plan.

Updating your insurance company when you change your address can sometimes be a time consuming hassle, which is especially compounded if you’re relocating overseas. With CCW as your global insurance broker, you simply need to inform your personal advisor of the relevant details and we will deal with the insurance companies for you.

We will also keep you updated on renewing your expatriate health insurance plan and global life insurance policy; apprising you of any changes in the coverage or premiums, and providing extensive advice and assistance on alternative options should you wish to seek them.

Bespoke International Corporate Insurance Solutions

Business clients of CCW Global will receive the same in-depth solutions which we offer to our individual and family customers, but also have the opportunity to access a range of innovative and creative options for employee benefit packages and corporate risk management plans specifically designed for companies operating in Asia and the Middle East.

For more information about our extensive International Insurance Solutions for Companies please click the link.

CCW Global’s Core Values

Our core values as a company are:

•    Professionalism
•    Attention
•    Integrity
•    Experience
•    Flexibility
•    Transparency

It is CCW’s mission to place these values in our each and every interaction with our clients. It is our promise that you will always receive the best advice possible at every turn, and will always be told why we are recommending a specific solution for your needs.

It is our promise to you that we will never try to sell you an international insurance plan which is not in your interests.

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If you would like to find out about CCW’s global insurance options, or if you would like to enquire further as to how we may be able to help you, please contact one of our expert advisors today.

You can also request that one of our consultants contact you for a free quote comparison by completing the form at the top of this page.

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