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Individual Health Insurance in China

An individual medical insurance plan is designed to protect you against the cost of your medical treatment should you suffer a severe illness or unforeseen accident.

China Health Insurance plans will cover you for the costs of your medical treatment at the best hospitals in China, and will enable you to receive healthcare at superior hospitals and medical facilities in Hong Kong, Thailand, and even the UK and USA. This gives you the highest levels of flexibility and, when coupled with the comprehensive coverage benefits on offer, ensures that you always have access to the exemplary treatment options you deserve.

Individual China Health Insurance plans from CCW Global will usually provide Worldwide Protection and allow you to Choose Where you Receive Medical Treatment. Even more than this, however, China Medical Insurance plans for individuals can be Globally Portable, ensuring that even if you should return to your home country, your plan will travel with you and continue to provide the healthcare coverage you require.

Perfect for travellers remaining in China for 1 or more years, business executives on short term assignments overseas, or intrepid individuals looking to make a fresh start in a new country, Individual China Health Insurance plans from CCW can be customized to suit all budgets and needs; ensuring that you have exactly the right coverage for your specific situation.

Individual China Health Insurance Coverage

Individual China Health Insurance plans from CCW Global can be customized to meet your exact requirements. You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes that didn’t fit you, and you can’t be expected to purchase medical insurance protection which doesn’t provide the specific coverage you need.

As such, CCW works to ensure that each and every policy we produce is unique to the policyholder purchasing it. This is done by extensive consultations with our customers to identify their specific needs, and working to find the optimal China Health Insurance solution; and if no such solution exists, then we will work to tailor-make a policy especially for you.

Coverage under an individual health insurance plan in China can include protection for:

Depending on your needs, we can provide China medical insurance plans on an individual basis which will match your requirements exactly.

More information can be found at China Health Insurance Coverage.

Free Individual China Health Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quotation comparison, comparing a range of leading China Health Insurance plans for individuals, simply complete the short form at the top of this page. Once you have submitted your request an expert CCW China insurance broker will contact you with your comparison details.

You can read more about China Health Insurance quotes from CCW by clicking Health Insurance Quotes from CCW.

If you have any questions about the coverage options available under an individual China health insurance plan, or if you would like to investigate the other policy options available in China, please Contact Us today to speak with a dedicated China insurance advisor.

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