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Group Health Insurance in China

With China emerging from the Global financial crisis of 2008 relatively unscathed, the country presents one of the biggest opportunities for growth to businesses of all types around the world. With increased entry into Chinese markets come a number of challenges, not in the least of which is finding and retaining exceptionally talented staff. A comprehensive Group Medical Insurance plan in China can be one of the biggest tools any company can possess for expanding their footprint in the country, as it is a major benefit for potential employees and current members of staff.

When obtaining a China group medical insurance policy from CCW Global you will be afforded the option of customizing your plan to fit the exact needs of your organization, to the extent that we can create China Health Insurance plans for groups which will provide different levels of protection to employees of different seniority.

This means that a C level executive could have an extremely comprehensive policy which provides protection for a number of extended coverage benefits, while an entry level hire may only receive basic Inpatient Only coverage. The choice of what coverage is offered to members of your organization is entirely yours, and CCW will work to help you customize your plan so that it is specifically tailored to your group.

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Group Health Insurance Coverage in China

Coverage available under Group Health Insurance plans in China includes benefits for:

While you must have at least 3 members of your group in order to take out a group medical insurance policy in China, the choice of coverage benefits included in your plan is left entirely up to you. However, CCW can provide coverage benefits which have been specifically designed for Group health insurance plans including major positives like a Medical History Disregarded Benefit which will allow for the coverage of all pre-existing medical conditions present within the group.

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