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China Maternity and Pregnancy Insurance Plans

Having a child, no matter where in the world you may be located, can be an expensive and stressful experience if you do not have adequate insurance protection.

Usually available in addition to an Inpatient China Insurance Benefit, CCW Global can provide comprehensive China Health Insurance plans which include extensive Maternity Coverage benefits; ensuring that both mother and child have the protection they need, both against the costs of the pregnancy and in the event that anything should go wrong with the delivery.

China Maternity Health Insurance policies from CCW will allow you to receive pre and post natal care at China’s best expatriate-friendly hospitals and clinics, and will provide sufficient coverage for deliveries at a United Family Hospital in Shanghai or Beijing, or receive treatment at any of the Parkway Medical Facilities in the People’s Republic of China.

More than this, a China Health Insurance plan which includes a Maternity Coverage benefit will also allow you to deliver your baby in the hospital of your choice anywhere in the world. This enables you to use the high-quality maternity care at a facility like Hong Kong’s Matilda Hospital, or even travel back to your home country to give birth.

Maternity and Pregnancy Insurance Coverage in China

The comprehensive pregnancy and maternity insurance coverage options which CCW can provide to foreign and local nationals residing in China will offer extensive protection against the costs associated with maternity treatments both in China and throughout the rest of the world.

Coverage typically offered under a China Maternity Medical Insurance plan can include protection against the costs associated with:

  • Routine Vaginal Deliveries
  • Deliveries following complications
  • Home Deliveries
  • Medically necessary Caesarean Sections (C-Sections)
  • Pre and Post Natal Examinations

CCW may also be able to provide a range of extended coverage options under a China Maternity Medical Insurance policy, depending on the insurance company you choose to work with and the comprehensiveness of the benefits you wish to receive under your China Medical Insurance plan.

More comprehensive Maternity Insurance coverage options in China can include protection against the costs associated with:

In addition to the extensive protection you will receive under a China Health Insurance plan which includes a maternity coverage benefit, these policies will usually be guaranteed renewable for life, offer global portability and worldwide coverage, and will often allow you the freedom to choose where you receive your medical treatment. This means that a single China Medical Insurance plan can provide coverage to you for the rest of your life and is able to travel around the world as you relocate – ensuring that all your global health insurance needs are taken care of under the simplicity of a single policy.

Maternity In China

Having a child in the People's Republic of China is a unique experience, especially for an expatriate. To help you navigate China's confusing healthcare system, and to give you additional insights into the maternity process in the country we have created a dedicated China Maternity Resource.

Please click Giving Birth In China additional information.

Free Maternity and Pregnancy Health Insurance Quotes in China

If you would like to receive a free quote for a China Maternity Health Insurance plan, simply complete the short form at the top of this page. Once we have received your quotation request an expert CCW China Health Insurance Broker will provide you with an extensive quotation comparison, comparing all the leading coverage options best suited to meet your specific requirements.

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You can also get more information about the coverage offered under a China Health Insurance policy, the coverage available with a Maternity Insurance Benefit, or to learn more about the extensive range of China Insurance coverage options on offer through CCW Global by Contacting Us Today.

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