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China Inpatient Health Insurance Plans

Inpatient Insurance Coverage in China is designed to protect you against the costs of your medical treatment if you require an overnight stay in a hospital.

Also known as Hospitalization Insurance or, if a high deductible is taken, Catastrophe Insurance, an inpatient coverage benefit will normally form the core of any China medical insurance plan. This means that in order to obtain additional types of coverage under your China Health Insurance plan you will normally be required to purchase inpatient protection first.

CCW Global can provide Inpatient Health Insurance coverage options in China which will provide extremely high levels of protection against the costs of medical treatment requiring an overnight stay in Hospital. Our Inpatient coverage options are usually Guaranteed Renewable for Life, offer Worldwide Coverage and Global Portability, and will allow you to Choose Where you Receive Medical Treatment.

Inpatient Insurance Coverage in China

As mentioned above, inpatient health insurance plans in China will protect you against the costs of receiving treatment at a hospital where an overnight stay is required. Costs of care usually covered by a China Health Insurance plan’s inpatient coverage benefit include:

  •     Ambulance Transportation Costs
  •     Surgical, Anaesthetic and Operating room fees
  •     Intensive care facilities and charges
  •     Semi Private or Fully Private Hospital Rooms
  •     All medicines and medications you require while an inpatient
  •     Diagnostic Testing Fees, including X-Rays, CAT Scans, and MRIs.

Because CCW Global works with a number of leading International Insurance Providers the specifics of your inpatient medical insurance coverage will vary dependent on the specific company you elect to purchase your policy from.

China Inpatient Insurance Customization

An inpatient coverage benefit is generally the basis for any China health insurance plan but you will normally have the option to customize the protection offered by your inpatient policy through the inclusion of additional policy benefits. Additional coverage benefits which can be added to your China inpatient medical insurance policy include:

  • Outpatient Insurance Coverage
  • Emergency Evacuation Insurance Coverage
  • Dental Insurance Coverage
  • Maternity Insurance Coverage

CCW is able to provide an extensive range of customization options which ensure that your China medical insurance plan is specific to your unique needs, enabling you to receive exactly the right levels of protection without having to pay for policy benefits which you will not use.

Free Inpatient Health Insurance Quotes in China

If you would like to receive a free quote for a China health insurance plan which includes Inpatient Insurance Coverage, simply complete the short form at the top of this page. Once we have received your quotation request an expert CCW Insurance Broker will then contact you with an in-depth comparison of all the leading plans best suited to meet your specific needs.

Further reading on our Health Insurance quotes can be found at China Health Insurance Quotes, or you can speak to a dedicated CCW advisor directly by Contacting Us Today.

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